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John Grant started John Grant Coaching to help people achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. As a native of Southern California, John has given back from his days in high school all the way through to his adult life. John is now using his lifetime of experience and giving to help his clients become the best version of themselves possible.


Relationships are the building blocks of life. John realized that as a teenager. He met his wife at 19 and married his wife at 21. John is a living embodiment and testament that the most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself.

As a published author of “The Unstoppable Mindset for Health: How to Have Abundant Vitality Daily the Natural Way”, John establishes a clear path to developing a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  He emphasizes the need for self-love and healing from within and teaches you skills to do that.   You will gain the ability to find clarity and self-love which leads to rapid results in all areas of your life. 

John has utilized the skills he teaches within his own life.  He is in a healthy marriage of 31 years, has successfully managed several businesses for extended periods of time, and has eliminated type 2 diabetes.  His life experience combined with his extensive training is a powerful resource.


Results coaching is a natural fit for John as he has the training, and the ability, to meet you where you are at and nonjudgmentally assist you at a pace that works.  To achieve success, it takes a commitment on your part to want to live a better life along with a commitment by John to work alongside you during your journey.  John is committed to your success, are you?? 

John focuses on getting you the results that you desire faster than doing it alone.  This is achieved by focusing on the three main areas of life: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.  John utilizes a proven 20 year system that is easy to commit to, follow and implement.  It starts with the desire to get different results than you currently have.