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A certified life coach works with individuals, businesses, or organizations to reach their max potential. This could mean achieving financial, business, emotional, or general life goals. Today’s most successful political figures, superstars, and corporate leaders use the guidance of an experienced life coach to take their private lives, professions, or businesses to the next level.

Serving Carlsbad and surrounding areas, the John Grant Coaching team is ready to support your journey to reach your max potential! We firmly believe everyone can achieve greatness. Get ready to take your personal and career goals to the next level!  

The Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach


What will hiring a Life Coach help me with?

A life coach is helpful to individuals and business organizations. Each person receives personalized coaching plans that are specially curated to their wants and needs. Everybody has a different step 1. Each person will see different improvements based on their dedication to progress. A perk of working with a life coach is gaining an educated outside perspective on troubles you’ve dealt with for a long time. A life coach gives you new insight on life’s challenges. They will help you figure out how to overcome them and guide your way to success.

Partnering with a life coach means linking your existing situation and the ideal life you want to have, like:


When You Should Consider Calling a Life Coach

Anybody can reach the point in their lives where they need guidance. These are a few signs to look for if you think you’re at that point:

How to Choose a Life Coach

1) Is Your Life Coach Certified? Across the U.S. there are coaching schools that give life coaches the proper tools and training to guide people. Those who call themselves a life coach may not be accredited professionals who don’t have the right training to properly guide their clients in a productive and efficient way. Life coaching is composed of a unique skillset. They must study behavioral standards and specific training models that can only be taught in certified schools. Life experience and good charisma is not enough to qualify. It’s important to know if the life coach you are working with received their certification from an accredited school. 

2) References:   A life coach is a highly personal choice. Reach out to the people who know you best to see if their life coaches are a good fit for you. Every coach is different and what people want from them is also different. Ask questions about what the coaches do and what the beginning stages are like. Some coaches have reviews on Google or Facebook with online testimonials. Check those out as well for a general idea of the experience is like.

3) A Good Match:  A personal coach is someone you’ll be spending nearly every day with. For some, they’re your alarm clock. For others, they check in to make sure you did your promised task. A good match between client and coach means each person is doing what the other expects them to do. There’s a partnership. While references are great, it’s highly recommended you talk to a coach either in person or via video chat. This will help you determine if you like their plan of action, their tone, their mannerisms towards you when you can’t do what they ask, and if your expectations of yourself match theirs. You should make sure you’re comfortable enough to trust their ideas and methods. Not all coaches will be a good match for you. Be honest with what you hope to achieve and don’t be afraid to change coaches if you feel the chemistry isn’t there. 


Life Coach vs Therapist

Sometimes a life coach is used interchangeably with therapist. Unless a life coach has graduated with a master’s degree, completed mandatory clinical hours, and received their therapy license, they cannot call themselves therapists. They are two different professions with different skillsets. Unlike life coaches, mental health professionals like a therapist focus on healing and help their patients work through mental illnesses, trauma, addictions, and overall mental health. 

A life coach is not a substitute for a mental health professional. They are more of a supplement for holding you accountable. A life coach can help you recognize what problems you have, it’s up to you to find a therapist who can walk you through any mental health problems you may be dealing. A life coach is an addition to getting help, not an answer.

It’s important to contact a mental health professional as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing feelings of hopelessness, have difficulty focusing, anxious feelings, or any other symptoms of a mental illness, contact a mental health professional immediately.

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A life coach creates an actionable plan for you and your team that will benefit you emotionally, physically, and financially. Life coaches help individuals build confidence in their abilities and reach their goals at a steady, progressive pace. You will understand you’re capable of more than your perceived limitations. They have the expertise to help you believe in yourself, in your career path, and in your own life. 

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