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John Grant Coaching is dedicated to showing people how to find their path in life. John Grant is a man who understands struggle and what type of strength is needed to overcome mental obstacles and achieve goals. In the past, he’s dealt with health issues that doctors didn’t believe he’d recover from. However, his determination, discipline, and positive attitude gave him the mental fortitude to conquer Type 2 diabetes and obesity. He forged his way to become a successful author, entrepreneur, and speaker. With all this life experience under his belt, he is now determined to achieve his dream—Helping people reach their goals!

John Grant launched his coaching program to give people the power to realize their purpose in life. He wishes nothing more than to watch people succeed. That’s why he became a life coach. A life coach is more than just someone telling you what to do. It’s a relationship founded on mutual trust. You trust the guidance of a life coach and then follow through with your promises. 

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a broad term, but John Grant’s definition is a person who teaches you how to take action, set goals, and spend more time and energy on ideas that you are passionate about. A certified life coach makes sure you reach your maximum potential, no matter how many times you fall down. They build you a plan that is fit to your mindset and will encourage you to be the best person they know you’re capable of being. They identify your personal and professional goals and guide you to achieve self-confidence and establish a fulfilling career in the process. John Grant Coaching puts you on track to successfully accomplish your goals.


What Does A Life Coach Do?

A life coach breaks your bad habits and holds you responsible for the changes you need to make. Overall, a life coach gives you an outside look to get your life back on track. They relieve your anxieties and teach you how to manage stress in the most efficient way possible. A life coach genuinely cares about your wellbeing!

A great life coach not only encourages you, but they also create a well-structured plan. It’s not a one-sided partnership where you follow orders. The plan is created with your input. 

They may ask you questions like the following:

These questions are meant to give insight into your life. Instead of following the motions, a life coach stops you to really look at what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You will be encouraged to think proactively about the direction your life is going versus where you want it to go. As you follow your plan, a coach will make adjustments that suit your needs. Maybe your anxiety gets the better of you at certain points, so you take a step back. As your partner, a life coach will understand your needs and do their best not to overwhelm you with extremely stressful changes. On the other hand, you, as a client, also need to meet the coach halfway and be willing to make the changes necessary. You will need to make an effort to go out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed. A life coach lays out the plan and the building blocks, but ultimately, you’re in control. 


Life Coach vs Therapist

It’s important to note that a life coach is not a medical professional by any means. They are not governed by a medical board or need to comply with the same regulations that therapists follow. They also don’t need formal training, nor do they treat or diagnose mental health conditions. A life coach teaches you how to build stronger relationships, tap into your creativity, and create a better work/life balance. A therapist targets your mental health conditions that may inhibit those improvements and may recommend a medical intervention. They also focus on traumas in your past and teach you how to cope. A life coach is more action based. They hold you accountable as you make outward life changes. A therapist focuses on what’s going on inside your mind. 

As you work with a life coach and a therapist, they may seem similar, but they’re expectations of you are different and the goals they want you to accomplish are too. Mental health affects you immensely, so you may find your issues overlapping. However, the reasoning behind getting you out of bed are different for each profession. 

If you’re struggling through life with feelings of hopelessness, severe anxieties, or bouts of anger, it is best that you seek a mental health professional. Life coaches will encourage you to take care of your mental health first! Work alongside both a life coach and a therapist to achieve better results.

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